August 8, 2015

A blog post for... Me!

Every year at back to school time I wander through the aisles and ask myself the same question "Is that a good price?" I never can remember what I paid for single subject notebooks and the paper report folders the previous year. I usually buy three spirals and a paper folder for each student. I'm a mean teacher... No you can't bring your own folder! Then they wont all match! I feel like this ecard. Must be the type A teacher in me.

Anyone with me? 

So today while at Walmart I decided I needed to write this info down. Where better than the blog?! I know it wont get lost (like paper) or deleted (like a note on my phone).

Here is my breakdown of what I thought were the best deals for Southern California:

Single subject notebooks - 25 cents
Paper folders - 15 cents
Labels - $13 but 30% coupon in the aisle

Single subject notebooks - 17 cents
No paper folders :(    (they had them last year) 
The good mechanical teacher pencils (you know what I'm talking about) - $1.97
Single Elmers glue stick - 97 cents
Scissors - $1.47
12 pack of neon student pencils - 97 cents

I still had to go to two stores, but now (hopefully) I'll remember that I wrote this HERE! 

In August in burns even more! Am I right?!

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  1. Clever and informative. You couldn't get Elmer's glue sticks cheaper at Dollar Tree or 99c Only Stores ?