August 12, 2016

Mouse and Earbud Storage... A Solution!

Are you a 1:1 classroom with mice (the technology variety) and earbuds everywhere? They drive me C-R-A-Z-Y! If so, these labels hold a solution to the organization dilemma.

When our district went 1:1 with Chromebooks I struggled with how to store the students' mice and earbuds. I had the students wrap the mice and place them in a bin. They ended up tangled in the bin and it was a giant mess. It was a similar story with the earbuds. Often lost or on the floor waiting to be stepped on. I searched my go-to, Pinterest with no luck. I couldn't find a storage container that could hold both the mouse and earbuds. To keep the earbuds tangle free I hot glue two clothes pins together and have my students wrap the earbuds.

Check them out here

Look at its organizational beauty!

These drawers are an investment, but they will last for years! Coworkers use tupperware containers, but those need to be replaced each year, which adds up.

These labels fit the Akro Mils 24 drawer. The labels are 4 inches X 2 inches. They are editable so you can change the color and the font. Make the labels match your classroom colors!


Happy organizing and cheers to one less thing to drive you crazy!